Personalized Business Greeting Cards: Best Way to Show that You Care

The importance of a client retention program in a business cannot be stressed enough by experts. For one, as every business owner knows, it is much easier to sell your product or service to an existing client than to a new one. Additionally, a study made by Bain and Co. showed that a 5% gain in customer retention can increase a business’ profit by as much as 75%.
Customer loyalty, however, is never guaranteed, not even among the most satisfied clientele. You have to constantly work on it through a client retention program that should include constant engagement; and constant engagement means making your clients and customers feel they are always on top of your priority list. Discounts, freebies, and other perks help create this impression. Well-crafted business greeting cards, however, provide that personal touch that can make a client feel he or she is important to you.


Capture Your Customers’ Hearts Through Cards

As a business owner, it’s likely you rely on the Internet for information about industry trends, and even for news and updates on your competitors. Technology is definitely an extremely useful tool. No need to waste time and effort—information is practically at your fingertips.

However, some things just cannot be substituted with technology. For instance, when it comes to greeting your customers a “Happy New Year” or a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” e-cards can feel a bit impersonal, no matter how convenient it is to send one. Continue reading

Custom Business Thank You Cards: Showing Your Suppliers They Matter

Vendors are just important as customers. After all, where would a full-service moving company be without its provider of high-quality packing supplies or a pet salon without its source for pet grooming products? As such, sending custom business thank you cards is a great way for business owners to show their appreciation to their suppliers.

Of course, to enhance the lovely gesture further, business owners should prepare a well-thought-out thank you note.

Personalized Business Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

While this move is essentially a form of marketing, business owners should keep in mind that their intended recipients should feel special upon receipt of the card. Throwing in even a subtle sales pitch in there is defeating the purpose, so at all costs, they should leave the sales pitch at the door. Something to help customers feel special is for entrepreneurs to add a personal touch to their cards. Here are critical pointers for personalized business greeting cards for customers:

Keep it professional

A card displaying a photo of employees in full-on Christmas garb (like those famous sweaters in Bridget Jones’ Diary) may seem like a cute idea, but business owners should still keep things professional. After all, they do have a brand and image to protect. As such, it’s recommended they keep things business-like and choose a card depicting a photo of traditional and beloved Christmas scenes like a snowman or a cabin covered in snow.

Where Everybody Knows your Name

In the American sitcom Cheers, a neighborhood bar promises patrons service with a smile, a friendly wisecrack, and a warm environment where everyone knows each other. The establishment also features a bartender who’s ready and willing to listen to customer woes. They may not have meant to, but the writers created the perfect formula for winning repeat customers. Every business that wants to win customer loyalty should strive to capture the magic of this fictional pub in Boston. Continue reading

Etiquette for Greeting Cards to Clients with Serious Medical Conditions Such as Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer or a life changing illness is the start of a tough battle for the patient and their loved ones. Some business operators may even be touched by the stories of cancer or serious illness survivors and find ways to help those still deep in the fight. Sending them special corporate greeting cards is one option to signify such a social commitment, but you must work on the message component.

Out of Place

Creativity often flows when you’re trying to write something, but dealing with people with illnesses requires a very delicate approach, even if the recipient is a loyal customer. As such, you cannot use the card to offer advice, make a sermon, or talk about passing. The backlash affecting your business may be irreparable because of insensitivity. Continue reading

On the Right Way and Time to Send Thank You for Your Business Cards

Sincere thank you’s on your business cards don’t have to be full of images and different colors all the time. They should be pleasing to the eyes, but not to the point that they end up over-decorated. If you want a more personal touch, companies like CLIENT RETENTION. can provide exactly what you need.

Because Client Retention Matters

Customers, both new and returning, are any businesses’ most important asset; without them, the business wouldn’t exist. Many businesses focus on gaining new customers, however, retaining as many return customers as possible means that you will continue to have a source of income even if attracting new customers becomes difficult.

Another advantage to customer retention is that it can actually be a lot easier to do. The following points sum up the ideas behind good customer retention strategies: Continue reading