Customized Corporate “Thank You” Cards Can Help in Retaining Clients

Two concepts that are increasingly gaining attention from businesses were discussed by American Printer, a resource for professionals interested in business trends, technical innovations, and strategies for raising productivity and profitability. These two concepts are LTV (Life Time Value) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The main reason for the increased interest is that companies commonly experience a 20-50% revenue loss annually due to customer defections. Before, companies tried to remedy this by directing their efforts towards gaining more new clients, but this turned out to be just an attempt to outrun the problem instead of facing it.


Attract Clients with Customized Greeting Cards

One way a business person can keep in touch with his or her customers is through customized greeting cards. Although there are email-cards available, there’s nothing like a nice greeting card sealed in an envelope to make your customers feel extra special.

Here’s how to start getting your customers the perfect, customized greeting cards that will keep them pleased with a more personalized message: Continue reading