The Lost Art of Sending Letters and Greeting Cards

As the world gave way to instant messaging and e-mails, the practice of sending lovingly crafted cards and letters is slowly fading to become part of an older world, where vinyl records and vintage cars belong. With the influx of emails and texts a person receives every day, it’s not surprising that most people nowadays feel excited about the idea of receiving customized greeting cards.

Hand-written letters and greeting cards could be considered as art forms, and if you think about it, they are the most personal kind of communication after face-to-face interaction. The ink flows from the pen, fingerprints are left on paper, and writers forgo spontaneity for carefully composed lines and phrases. The thought that a tangible object can travel from your hands to another’s is touching, and in this modern age, almost quixotic.

As the author Haruki Murakami once wrote, “How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous.” Receiving a written note is made more precious because it has become a rarity. Now, sending a physical card or letter may take more time and effort, but it also tells clients, friends, and loved ones how important they are to you, and how much you value them.


Wishing a Retiring Person Well

Retirement marks the end of a person’s long years of hard work. It’s a time for these people to reflect on the ups and downs of their workings years. It is also the time that stamps the beginning of more restful and serene days. A business that has established a loyal core of customers over the years could have nurtured slightly personal relationship with its customers, with many of them already treated like family. As a company owner, it’s a great opportunity to show your customers you care when you share that occasion with them through a special corporate greeting card.

Crafting a special message for your customers reaching retirement shows more than just goodwill and well-wishes for the next chapter of their life, but it also express your deep appreciation for their long and loyal patronage. It makes a difference to the customers when a company opens up to them in a personal way, while maintaining their professional stance.

Translating information into actual retirement messages works best when you create an angle. However, avoid the rather common “Best wishes” greetings. You can craft your message into words that acknowledge their hard work and, steering into a message of how their own loyalty to their company has continued to the well-being of both. Whatever the message, stay close to the personal.

Retirement isn’t all about driving into the sunset and starting off on some real peace and quiet, but it could be—with good attitude and appreciation from within and without. A special greeting card from a company that pays tribute to a customer reaching retirement age could be every bit as valued as one coming from a loved one.



Consider Differences in Sending Greeting Cards

Although you want to get into the spirit of things by giving out beautiful greeting cards, never forget that some holidays aren’t holidays for everyone.

Consider Christmas. While most Americans celebrate this holiday, others don’t for religious, cultural, or personal reasons. For these people, a Christmas greeting card may be considered insensitive. If you can, get to know your customers on a more personal level to avoid such faux pas. You may also want to craft your cards with a neutral theme, both in design and message. Continue reading

Capture Your Customers’ Hearts Through Cards

As a business owner, it’s likely you rely on the Internet for information about industry trends, and even for news and updates on your competitors. Technology is definitely an extremely useful tool. No need to waste time and effort—information is practically at your fingertips.

However, some things just cannot be substituted with technology. For instance, when it comes to greeting your customers a “Happy New Year” or a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” e-cards can feel a bit impersonal, no matter how convenient it is to send one. Continue reading

Where Everybody Knows your Name

In the American sitcom Cheers, a neighborhood bar promises patrons service with a smile, a friendly wisecrack, and a warm environment where everyone knows each other. The establishment also features a bartender who’s ready and willing to listen to customer woes. They may not have meant to, but the writers created the perfect formula for winning repeat customers. Every business that wants to win customer loyalty should strive to capture the magic of this fictional pub in Boston. Continue reading

Etiquette for Greeting Cards to Clients with Serious Medical Conditions Such as Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer or a life changing illness is the start of a tough battle for the patient and their loved ones. Some business operators may even be touched by the stories of cancer or serious illness survivors and find ways to help those still deep in the fight. Sending them special corporate greeting cards is one option to signify such a social commitment, but you must work on the message component.

Out of Place

Creativity often flows when you’re trying to write something, but dealing with people with illnesses requires a very delicate approach, even if the recipient is a loyal customer. As such, you cannot use the card to offer advice, make a sermon, or talk about passing. The backlash affecting your business may be irreparable because of insensitivity. Continue reading

Because Client Retention Matters

Customers, both new and returning, are any businesses’ most important asset; without them, the business wouldn’t exist. Many businesses focus on gaining new customers, however, retaining as many return customers as possible means that you will continue to have a source of income even if attracting new customers becomes difficult.

Another advantage to customer retention is that it can actually be a lot easier to do. The following points sum up the ideas behind good customer retention strategies: Continue reading

Making a Business Greeting Card Work

Every business owner who has successfully made a sale with a customer will want to keep in touch with them to stand a chance of repeat business. In some cases, the customers themselves can spread the good word about your operation and encourage other people to check you out. One way to sustain the ties will be to furnish them some corporate greeting cards. But how do you craft the item and make a lasting impression on your present and future customers? There are some cardinal elements to keep in mind. Continue reading