Wishing a Retiring Person Well

Retirement marks the end of a person’s long years of hard work. It’s a time for these people to reflect on the ups and downs of their workings years. It is also the time that stamps the beginning of more restful and serene days. A business that has established a loyal core of customers over the years could have nurtured slightly personal relationship with its customers, with many of them already treated like family. As a company owner, it’s a great opportunity to show your customers you care when you share that occasion with them through a special corporate greeting card.

Crafting a special message for your customers reaching retirement shows more than just goodwill and well-wishes for the next chapter of their life, but it also express your deep appreciation for their long and loyal patronage. It makes a difference to the customers when a company opens up to them in a personal way, while maintaining their professional stance.

Translating information into actual retirement messages works best when you create an angle. However, avoid the rather common “Best wishes” greetings. You can craft your message into words that acknowledge their hard work and, steering into a message of how their own loyalty to their company has continued to the well-being of both. Whatever the message, stay close to the personal.

Retirement isn’t all about driving into the sunset and starting off on some real peace and quiet, but it could be—with good attitude and appreciation from within and without. A special greeting card from a company that pays tribute to a customer reaching retirement age could be every bit as valued as one coming from a loved one.




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