Top 4 Corporate Greeting Cards Mistakes

Maintaining customer connection through corporate greeting cards might seem easy— get a designer, know the address, have the cards delivered, and voila! You’re on top of your customers’ minds.

Sadly, the reality is not as simple as you might think. One error can put your customers off, and create a negative opinion of you. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Wrong punctuation, grammar and spelling

These are the basics, and errors show you didn’t stop to give it a careful review. It makes the customer think the card was hastily selected or made, with little thought or preparation.

Generic messages

Template sourced messages are easy to identify and cannot give a lasting impression. Know something personal about your customer, through your database. Craft a heartfelt message that gives the impression you know him as an individual.

Irritating sales pitch

Have you ever experienced being in the mood for Valentine’s when suddenly, someone comes knocking on your door to sell you something? Annoying, isn’t it? Once people get the hint that you’re delivering a sales pitch, their minds could shut off. Find a more appropriate time or place for that sales pitch.

Not using the best medium

Electronic cards? They may work on clients who frequent the web, but clients might also think the cards are spam and never open them. A printed card is a solid reminder people can display in their homes, while electronic cards are easily lost in the tides of memory.


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