Where Everybody Knows your Name

In the American sitcom Cheers, a neighborhood bar promises patrons service with a smile, a friendly wisecrack, and a warm environment where everyone knows each other. The establishment also features a bartender who’s ready and willing to listen to customer woes. They may not have meant to, but the writers created the perfect formula for winning repeat customers. Every business that wants to win customer loyalty should strive to capture the magic of this fictional pub in Boston.

Improve customer service

Every customer should have a pleasant experience, and that’s why every customer memory of your business should be a happy one, no matter what. Have employees connect on a personal level– train staff to address regular customers by name.

A promise is a promise

If you commit to something– be it a special discount or overnight shipping– you have to make good on it. Shoppers love talking about their positive experiences just as much as the negative. If you didn’t deliver on a commitment, rest assured that the customer’s friends and their friends will find out about it in due time.

Keep in touch

Put regular customers on a mailing list and stay in touch via personalized email or newsletters.  Businesses like Client Retention are waxing nostalgic by offering customized greeting cards for companies who want reach out to favorite customers on special occasions such as birthdays, real estate closings, and periodic mailings to clients/customers/patients, prospects, etc. This kind of follow-up strategy should work wonders for your brand’s top-of-mind awareness.


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