Etiquette for Greeting Cards to Clients with Serious Medical Conditions Such as Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer or a life changing illness is the start of a tough battle for the patient and their loved ones. Some business operators may even be touched by the stories of cancer or serious illness survivors and find ways to help those still deep in the fight. Sending them special corporate greeting cards is one option to signify such a social commitment, but you must work on the message component.

Out of Place

Creativity often flows when you’re trying to write something, but dealing with people with illnesses requires a very delicate approach, even if the recipient is a loyal customer. As such, you cannot use the card to offer advice, make a sermon, or talk about passing. The backlash affecting your business may be irreparable because of insensitivity.

Standing Tall

If the patient was open about what they’re going through, positive reinforcement from your cards will uplift their morale. Some experts say to put in an inspiring message like a quote from a popular song or a Bible verse that speaks about courage. You can also offer specific assistance. Light jokes may be possible as long as they play to the patient’s sense of humor.

A business that goes out of its way to support cancer or seriously ill patients and causes like cancer research and treatment in any form possible can show the community that it has a heart.


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