Tips for Well-crafted Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate greeting cards help maintain positive business relationships. These relationships can be from one company to another or they can be from an employer to his workers. For company to company greeting cards, the aim is to catch the recipient’s attention right away and communicate the intended message while keeping things as professional as possible.

When it comes to design, greeting cards must strike a balance between simplicity and visual impact. Everything—from the font style to the graphic elements—has to be just right and in keeping with one’s branding strategy. It is best to aim for a clean, uncluttered look that inspires confidence in the brand.

It is also vital for corporate greeting cards to have a personal touch. In this digital age, one can normally get away with sending a hastily typed e-mail or SMS in the course of everyday business correspondence. Yet a corporate greeting card that bears the sender’s handwritten name, note, and signature conveys a sincere desire to build a more meaningful relationship with the recipient.

Finally, the message itself should be carefully worded. Be careful with offbeat humor that could be misinterpreted as well as religious and political undertones that may not sit well with the recipient. In addition, greeting cards should eschew any sort of sales pitch as this invariably gives off a rather impersonal vibe.


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