The Importance of Greeting Cards for Businesses

Contrary to what several people might believe, print is NOT dead – and neither are greeting cards.

While the world today is pretty much digitalized, more companies and individuals are sending out personal messages thru the web. HOWEVER, most people actually find themselves delighted when they receive personal letters, including personalized greeting cards in the mail.

Corporate greeting cards are an excellent way to let customers know that they are important and that the company appreciates the patronage and their loyalty. It’s a way of telling them they look forward to long lasting business relationships with them.  Sending customer appreciatiion cards, holiday cards or thank-you notes at every proper opportunity lends a surprise factor, which customers truly appreciate.

Greeting cards, especially handwritten ones, ultimately exhibit a sense of the giver’s personality and attitude towards the intended receiver. In business, a greeting card can put a human face to the company. Customers dislike generic greeting cards that are mindless or don’t say much of anything differently. When businesses send out greeting cards to customers, they should take it as an opportunity to impress their clients by showing that their company cares enough to listen to their suggestions, comments, and inquiries.

It’s also important to note that when greeting cards are signed by the company’s owner, president or CEO, customers get a sense that their business is valued. This ensures continued patronage of the company’s products and services.


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